Covid 19

We are now concentrating on Septembers return for our all our private service.  We are presently covering several council contracts and have put in place all the present guidelines and operational procedures to cover these runs.

We are sure that guidelines will change considerable before September and await information to enable us to plan.  It is clear that vehicle cleaning will have to be a different level so we have put in place daily vehicle sanitation plan.  We will ask that all passengers follow the any guidelines given.  All of our service are very close to full for next year.  We are presently working on a few individual payment issues with a view of resolving before September.

  1. In line with national Guidelines Students will be expected to keep to their Transport bubbles and avoid contact with the general public.
  2. We have moved away from actually allocating seats but each  student should go the farthest seats on the bus and ensure that they use  the same seat  on both  the outward and return journeys
  3. Face coverings will have to worn at all times whilst on the bus.  (Students to provide their own coverings)
  4. No food or drink to be consumed on the bus transfers.
  5. No students should leave their seat.  (Please note that were are all aware of the  behavior issues in the past with  some students leaving their seats so a ZERO tolerance policy will be adopted here and any offenders will receive an automatic bus ban).
  6. We have put in place daily sanitizing processes for all our vehicles
  7. We will aim to keep the same driver and bus on each service where possible.
  8. First boarders on the Bus in the morning should take up seats as near  to the rear of the Bus as possible
  9. Students at the front on the bus should disembark first followed by the seat behind and so on.
  10. Bus Passes must be shown on boarding the Bus
  11. Our Drivers will be disembark the bus when students board and leave the bus
  12. All Denwell staff will adopt socially distancing at our premises of work

"Superb attention to our wedding transport details."

"A big thank you to Denwell, excellent service throughout."

"Great service, will be in touch for future trips."

"We had a great day, nice relaxed Driver."