Code of Conduct / School Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct

Responsibilities of Parents, Guardians & Passengers.

As Parents/Guardians you are entirely responsible for the safety of your child between home and the pick-up point and their behaviour whilst travelling.

Your child needs to be ready at the pick-up point at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time, due to the differences in timepieces. The transport will not wait.

Bus passes will be issued and must be carried at all times. Failure to produce a pass may result in travel being refused. The pass is not transferable and may be confiscated if misuse is suspected.

You should ensure that your child is aware of the standards that are expected in reference to behaviour and cleanliness of the vehicle whilst travelling to school.  Eating is permitted but the correct disposal of refuse should be adhered to.

In the interests of safety children must behave sensibly, wear their seatbelt and must always remain seated whilst under way.  Unacceptable behaviour, e.g. any disruptive, violent, distracting or dangerous behaviour including bullying, bad language, vandalism, spitting, kicking or throwing objects, may lead to transport for your child being withdrawn.

The bus is fitted with CCTV equipment. Parents are advised that CCTV images may be used, if required.

Passengers should queue and board the bus in a sensible manner, find a seat quickly and be seated before the vehicle moves off.  They must remain seated until they reach their stop and ensure that seat belts are worn. Children must not cause damage to the vehicle in any way. Pupils or parents will be asked to pay for the full cost of any damage.

Distracting the driver may cause an accident so passengers should sit quietly and not move around the bus.

Passengers should take care when boarding or alighting the vehicle, particularly if they have to cross the road. They should never cross in front of, or close behind the vehicle.

Drivers are not responsible for ensuring that a child gets off at the correct stop.

Drivers are entitled to take action to ensure the safety and well-being of all persons transported.

Denwell’s responsibilities:

Aim to ensure an efficient and timely school bus service.

Deal with parent’s queries and requests in a professional manner.

Regularly monitor the safety and quality of the transport provided.

Advise parents of any changes to the service. Via email, telephone or Parent Mail.

Any Issues that you or the passengers have should be reported to Denwell Coaches Ltd in the appropriate manner by email to or calling the office. 01452 863377

We have put together this set of guidelines to ensure that you as a parent, us as a provider and your sons and daughters as the users, enjoy a safe and timely journey in a clean environment.

By using the Denwell Mini Coaches Ltd bus service, both you and your child are agreeing to comply with this set of Guidelines.


School Bus Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to the terms & conditions you are entering into a legal agreement with Denwell Mini Coaches Ltd for school transport for a period of no less than twelve months. There is a 14-day cooling off period from the time of booking. Financial payments will run from August through to June inclusive in any one year. These payments are a financial assistance to pay the year fee and do not relate to a month’s transport.

Payments to be made by an initial non refundable deposit followed by eleven equal Standing Order payments from your bank account. Each payment to be made on or around the 9th of each month unless otherwise agreed with the Company and must be made in each consecutive month, any missing or stopped payments would be a considered a breach of contract and the company has the right to suspend or stop transport at that point.

In a breach of contract any outstanding payments in the contract period would fall due on demand. Failure to pay the outstanding balance could resort in action being taken to recover the debt this could be in the form of a debt recovery company or court action which could adversely affect your credit rating!  It is advisable to contact us prior to any nonpayment and we will work with you on any issue you have.

Once you have been allocated a place on our Buses your seats are automatically reserved for the following School years, you will STILL need to re-apply and pay the deposit. The last date for auto seat allocation will be given closer to the date.



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