By agreeing to the terms & conditions you are entering in to a legal agreement with Denwell Mini Coaches Ltd for school transport for a period of no less than twelve months. Financial payments will run from August through to June inclusive in any one year.

Payments to be made by an initial deposit followed by eleven equal Standing Order payments from your bank account.

Each payment to be made on or around the 10tht of each month unless otherwise stated/agreed with the Company and must be made in each consecutive month, any missing or stopped payment would be a considered a breach of contract and the company has the right to suspend or stop transport at that point.

In a breach of contract any outstanding payments in the contract period would fall due on demand. Failure to pay the outstanding balance could result in action being taken to recover the debt this could be in the form of a debt recovery company or court action which could adversely affect your credit rating.

Once you have been allocated a place on our Buses seats are automatically reserved for the following School years until we are advised that they are no longer required.

"Superb attention to our wedding transport details."

"A big thank you to Denwell, excellent service throughout."

"Great service, will be in touch for future trips."

"We had a great day, nice relaxed Driver."